All Hands On Deck.

by FaribaultMill

Lately, the Mill has undergone construction, remodeling, and additions from just about every angle. Both facility improvements and retail space development have occupied the time of countless hands trying to bring the entire facility back to life.

During the next few weeks, this process will continue but the images below will give you a sense of where things currently stand.

In the retail space specifically, the old panel ceilings have been removed to expose the floor above, steel beams have been added to improve the strength of the overall structure, and office walls have been taken down to create an entirely revamped feel and aesthetic.

When uncovering part of the ceiling, remnants of the Mill’s 1960’s fire can be seen in full detail.

On the facility improvements side, the Mill will now be able to utilize the river water for its energy use, heating/cooling, and filtration system, a facet of the facility that has not been used since the early 1900’s. Ironically, the new system has been installed directly in-front of the Mill’s original walls built in 1892.