by FaribaultMill

For this weekend’s SnowGrade event, you will find a number of exclusive release items from the Mill but this one in particular we are very excited about. Originally produced for the Port Huron & Detroit Railroad Historical Society, this Pullman blanket has ties to both the Museum and the origins of the Faribault Mill.

A quick history:

“The Pullman Sleeping Car was invented by cabinet-maker turned building contractor turned industrialist George Pullman in 1857. Pullman’s railroad coach or sleeper was designed for overnight passenger travel. Sleeping cars were being used on American railroads since the 1830s, however, they were not nearly as comfortable as the Pullman Sleeper.”
“Pullman began the commercial manufacture of the Sleepers in 1865 and when a Pullman car was attached to the funeral train carrying Abraham Lincoln’s body the demand for the sleeping car skyrocketed.”
The throw released this weekend is a re-creation of the blankets provided in the Sleepers and no doubt carries as much history with it as it does comfort.